Querious – MySQL Client for OSX

This is for Mac people only – sorry Windows friends. I’ve been looking for this for a while.  Now, I’m pretty hard core, but I’m not hard-core enough to use the command line for all my interactions with MySQL.  If you’ve been using the MySQL Query Browser that can be downloaded form mysql.org, you probably know that it will crash if you breathe on it. I’ve looked at a few of the clients that have come out for MySQL, but none have made me want to shell out money to replace what I had.

querious1Then along came Querious, from the Araelium Group. I’ve only been working with it for a couple of days now, but I’m ready to call it awesome. They have managed to fit in shortcuts for pretty much anything you can think of, but the interface is extremely clean. There is a filter tool available at the top of the interface when you are view table data. I usually don’t mind writing a quick query to view what I need, but this tool will let you type in a string that is matched against the content in any column. Very handy. You can also specify more exact search criteria if you like. The autocomplete and syntax highlighting while writing SQL is also nicely done.

Querious will also import and export CSV, or tab delimited data, and on import, does a much better job than most other programs in letting you map your data to your tables.

The last feature I will mention is my favorite. The ability to save not only common queries, but groups of queries is awesome. Querious calls these query collections, and put common queries and tasks at your fingertips.

Querious costs $25US, which I think is a good price point for this tool. I’m still at the beginning of my 30 day trial, but unless something better comes along pretty quickly, I’ll be buying it.

AppStorm Review (9/10)

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