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Chris Mallinson

Hi. I'm Chris Mallinson.

I design websites & mobile apps in Vancouver, and write about it once in a while.

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Choosing Happiness

My son is deafblind, and he wants to tell you what that means.

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Local Web Development with macOS Catalina

The changes required to keep your development environment working in Catalina after an upgrade.

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Vapid on DigitalOcean

Setting up a Node.js production environment on DigitalOcean and installing Vapid.

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New Tech, New Design, and Dark Mode Support

Initial thoughts on Vapid, and supporting mac OS dark mode.

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The Perfect Web Development Environment for Your New Mac

My tutorial on setting your Mac up for local web development using as few external tools as possible.

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Koken on DigitalOcean

Koken is a self-hosting solution for showcasing large photo sets. Learn how to set up your own.

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Using Google Maps without Cellular Data

Google Maps allows you to preload maps so that you can use them to navigate in areas where you do not have cellular coverage.

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How a Disney cast member went above and beyond to meet the needs of a fan.